Your Health and Your Skin


We feel that everyone should have the best skin ever.  We have included a check list for continued beautiful skin that if practised every day, you and your clients will have amazingly healthy skin in no time at all.  So much so in fact, that before long your clients will no longer need to cover their skin with foundations, concealers and mineral powders prior to leaving the house.  Instead they will have that flawless skin that is so coverted in the world right now.  Don’t believe us?  Follow this check list with care.  Use our amazing skincare products and see the results for yourself.

1 - Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

2 - Maintain a balanced diet to provide the vitamins and minerals your skin needs.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein for the best results.  

3 - Always make sure to use sunblock if you're going to spend time outside.

4 - Proper skin care means cleansing it properly. Skin needs moisture to survive, so avoid using really hot water when you wash your face, as the heat sucks moisture from your skin. Try using warm or cool water instead.

Avoid harsh or chemical-heavy soaps, as they strip moisture from your skin while polluting it.

5 - Keep your skin moisturized by applying moisturisers and serums within a few minutes of bathing. If you have a problem with dry skin, use an oil-based lotion on the problem area several times a day.

6 - If applying serums and moisturisers it is best to apply the serum first and allow it to dry before applying a moisturiser. Around 30 to 40 seconds will be enough.  This allows the skin to absorb the first layer fully before the second layer (the moisturiser) goes on.  Not only will this help to hydrate the skin, but it will also keep the skin hydrated for longer.

7 - Apply skin routines to both morning and evening.  The skin absorbs moisture better when we are asleep so it makes total sense to always advice your clients to adopt an evening skin care routine.  So many people will only remember to moisturise in the mornings.  You wouldn’t have one cup of tea in the morning and nothing again until the following day would you?  Your skin needs to be nourished in exactly the same way.

8 - Apply a lotion or moisturiser to your body at least twice a day.  I know, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy routine on your face let alone the body, but the body is so much bigger than your face, why concentrate only on the one area?  How many ‘young’ looking women have you seen in their forties and fifties with great faces and extremely wrinkled legs, arms and neck areas?  We can't rely on botox forever can we!?!?!

9 - The skin on the hands and the neck area is the most prone to showing the ages of women over 35 years old, so it is vital that you educate your clients to moisturising their neck and hands at the same time as their faces….using the same moisturiser that they use on their face.  It is worth while hiding your age no matter how old you are, so by using your facial moisturiser, you are gaining maximum anti ageing results.