Key ingredients


When it comes to looking at what exactly makes a good quality skin care product that you can be proud to use every day, there are a number of aspects that you should look for.  Your skin is the first thing people see when they meet you, so it would make complete sense to treat it with the best skin care products available.  However, it isn’t always that simple….

See our top 5 reasons below why sourcing the right ingredients for your skin care products is a must for anyone wanting to take care of themselves.

Even though the last 5 years has seen a huge increase in skincare companies adopting more organic ingredients, still 80% of skin care products currently on the market contain harsh ingredients that cause skin irritations and skin flare-ups.  Even high end spa and salon products contain cheap ingredients such as silicone oils, parabens, foaming agents and moisturizing additives that pretend to give the skin a velvety sensation.  They are designed to sit on shelves for a long time and because they are so cheap, profit margins look great for the manufacturers and they rely on the fact that consumers and even therapists simply do NOT understand ingredients.
With cancer rates at an all time high in western society, many people are not aware that many ingredients contained in skin care products are actually cancer forming. Paraben
preservatives that are used in many high street moisturisers mimics estrogen and has been linked to breast cancer.  Titanium Dioxide is found in most makeup foundations and many moisturisers but is actually a scientifically proven carcinogen.  Step away from the makeup ladies.  See our Your Health and Your Skin page to find out how to improve the natural look of your skin.
Speaking of make-up, how many of you would never leave your home without a full face of protective coverage?  Well, it is worth knowing that if you use high quality organic skin care products that do not use any chemical ingredients, the skin will not only heal itself, but due to the high level of vitamins and minerals found in plant oils and extracts, skin will actually begin to look so good that over a short period of time you will no longer need to cover skin in thick layers of makeup. Imagine that!!!
Good ingredients don’t just stop with having high quality plant oils and butters such as shea butter, coconut oil and olive oils etc in your skin care brand.  Most advertising companies will list the ‘key’ ingredients in their active layer, but most of these so–called actives are actually just good ingredients that should form the base of any good skin care product.  For instance, you may see ‘now with shea butter’ listed as an active ingredient rather than a good base ingredient.  Active ingredients should include fruit and herbal extracts and natural proteins such as passionfruit, papaya, green tea, marine collagen and many more.
Anti-ageing is key when it comes to any skin care product that you want to love, but many ingredients used in big brands are contradictory to anti-ageing at all.  When cheap, profit-boosting ingredients are used, the skin suffers.  Skin cells need constant support and protection from ingredients that give it a glowing, healthy appearance.  Man-made chemical compounds work to actually break down skin cell structure and destroy the skins surface.   Silicone oils for instance, used in 99% of skin care creams as a cheap alternative to more expensive plant oils (which forms the base of a product), actually block the pores, causing nasty skin conditions and bacteria to thrive.  Maybe the skin care industry wants to keep it this way.  After all, the more terrible skin care products they sell, the more ‘bad’ skin problems people want to fix, and the more products they sell in return. 

Vicious Circle anyone?