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We understand the beauty industry.  We have been making organic skincare products for the last 10 years and during that time we have learned that not all skincare products are made equal, despite what they will have you believe. 

As part of our dedication to our customers and their clients alike, Skin Secrets includes a skincare 'Ingredient E-book' when you set up your account with us at no extra cost to yourself - Delivered straight to your inbox.

If all those long words and inci names on the back of your skincare products are driving you and your customers crazy, we will show you what to look for, what to avoid and how to achieve only the best for your clients skin.  When you order for the first time, we will send you our Skin Secrets Ingredients PDF e-book so that you can begin to unravel all those annoying ingredients listed on TOO many products out there.  You may even realise that the brand you have been using for years, is anything but the ideal brand to use on your clients precious skin.

The secret of a successful skincare business is about understanding what you are actually putting on your clients skin.

You wouldn't apply paint or glue to your skin, yet many skincare products on the market today currently include paint and glue ingredients in their formulations without batting an eyelid.  Why do they do this?  Because these ingredients are CHEAP to make and keeps profits HIGH.  The beauty industry has been telling lies to consumers for decades.  They depend on the fact that most people don't read the labels before applying a skincare product.  Salon and Spa owners and therapists are equally unaware of the ingredients in skincare products.