Enzymatic Microderma Skin Peel

Chemical Skin Peels have become popular in salons for clients wishing to improve their skin's texture and overall appearance.  The problem with chemical peels is that they contain .... well, chemicals which leave the skin vulnerable to external damage.  We have re designed the rule book with our natural, organic version of our very own skin peel range.    Working to naturally exfoliate the top layer of skin gently, our range includes a microdermabrasion skin peel scrub which contains natural pineapple and papaya enzymes, licorice root extract, salicylic acid, fruit acids and skin soothing natural oils including avocado and coconut.  We also offer a cooling cucumber serum for that all important post treatment skin calming treatment along with a protein boosting moisturiser to complete our set.  Whether you are wishing to offer a natural skin peel treatment in your salon or you are a wholesale buyer looking to offer the perfect, natural home skin peel treatment kit to your customers, Enzymatic Microderma Skin Peel is just for you.

(NB: All products are sold in packs starting from just 5 units and are for trade buyers only)