Skin Secrets Organic like to keep things simple when it comes to our customers packaging requirements.  Clean, white packaging is key to a good brand because it means we can design any style of label for you, in any colour, and it will always 100% work perfectly for you and your customers.  Many companies offer a wide range of packaging, but in our experience, this often leads to disappointment when the finished products don’t look like the vision you had in your mind.

We have chosen to offer a limited selection of options for our products based on the product itself, the product thickness and 'fit for purpose' usage.  You don't want to put a face scrub in a pump glass bottle for instance, only to discover that the pump doesn't actually work properly with the product chosen. Each product shown on our website comes in its own style of packaging, including flexible tubes, glossy bottles, and silver rimmed jars because we know that this is the best fit for the product in question. 

All products come in either 5 units or 10 helping you to maintain a good cash flow without having to stock lots of lots of product up front.

We also offer a PREMIUM packaging option of 'chrome airless bottles' purely for our serums and moisturisers, allowing you to create a truly incredible brand name with a high end look.  Our premium airless pump bottles come in a minimum order volume from just 20 units, again keeping your costs as low as possible.

All products can be boxed or un-boxed depending on your requirements. 

Please see our MOISTURISERS and SERUMS for full details of our Premium packaging options.


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