Who are Skin Secrets?

In 2009 I stumbled across an article online which discussed links between cancer and chemicals found in skincare products.  I began looking into the matter more deeply and was shocked that every single one of the products  that I used daily contained questionable ingredients. I began to look into the idea of using natural and organic skincare products instead of the high street brands that I had been using for years in an attempt to reduce my own risks. Unfortunately, I only found expensive, often heavy, thick and sticky products which didn’t feel nice on the skin at all.  This led me to research how skincare products are made and I practiced making a few simple moisturisers in our kitchen at home.  

I set up my first organic skincare business at the end of 2010 which I sold in 2016.  Since those humble beginnings we now design incredible new innovative products and services which rival the best in the industry and we have some amazing clients who we work with to create high end, natural and organic skincare brands. More than that though, we now focus our company mission on educating consumers as to the nasty ingredients that are contained in both skincare and food products.  It isn’t enough to look at the key ingredients in a product and clever marketing ploys.  Consumers need to look at how products are made.  It isn’t just about parabens and sulphates anymore either.  We educate our clients to avoid a wide range of nasty ingredients, including some which not only increase cancer risks, but also cause skin rashes, irritations and other long-term health concerns which nobody really wants do they?

The future for Skin Secrets Organic will include understanding how organic food can do as much for your skin as the products you put on it so watch this space.  We have so much we want to share with our amazing customers.  We feel that we have only just begun to scratch the surface.

Skin Secrets is a family run business that we are so very proud of.  Thank you everyone.

Nicky Shearsby - Owner