Are your Products Organic?

Yes.  We use 100% natural and organic ingredients in all of our products.  All our products can be marketed as ‘organic’ as they contain over 70% organic ingredients.

Our products are not classed as  ‘certified organic’ as this certification costs a lot of money which we would have to reflect in our prices. Instead, we focus on creating high quality natural products that deliver outstanding results.

It is important to note that a product does not have to be certified in order to be labelled as organic.

What is the Shelf life of your Products?

All Cream based Products including cleansers and scrubs and oils: 2 year shelf life

Serums: 1 year shelf life

Toners: 6 months shelf life

All our products are made to order so they will have the maximum shelf life when you receive them.

What Preservatives do you use?

We use Ethylhexylglycerin and Phenoxyethanol which is a globally approved paraben-free preservative system and is extremely effective against bacterial, yeast and mould fungal growth. We add a total of 1% in all of our products and have always found this to be the best in the market to offer the best product stability and which does not contain potentially dangerous and harsh chemicals.

Are your Products suitable for Vegans?

Yes. Our ranges are separated into either VEGAN or VEGETARIAN categories so that you always know what you are buying.  Our Hydro Boost Range for dry skin contains honey and royal jelly so is classed as Vegetarian.  We can replace ingredients in our Hydro Boost range to suit vegan skincare brands if required.  Ask for details when ordering. All our other ranges are 100% Vegan.  We will only be creating 100% Vegan skincare ranges from now on, so all new products launched will be Vegan.

None of our products contain any animal derived ingredients.  We do not use beeswax, palm oil or animal based stearic acid in our ranges and all our ingredients are ethically sourced and sustained.  We also do not use nut oils in our products.

Can I change ingredients in your products?

Each of our product ranges has been designed for specific skin types and skin requirements in mind.  We have already done all the hard work for you, leaving you to purchase our products and re brand the labels for your own company as needed. We have spent a great deal of time crafting formulations that are second to no other product available on the market and feel that you are getting the best we can offer in terms of the sheer amount of active ingredients that we have included in each product. 

You can purchase our products exactly how they have been designed or you can utilise our bespoke service and add up to 4 new ingredients into each product you buy, in order to create your own unique version of your chosen products.  See our Bespoke Page for further details

Do I need to get safety tests done on products I purchase from you?

No.  Because we have spent our time creating and developing our products for you, we have also done all the hard work in getting the correct safety assessments done for them as well.

If you are adding bespoke ingredients to our products we will need to update our MSDS sheets for you.  We charge just £30 per product to do this.

Can you create bespoke products for me?

Our products can be purchased exactly as we have designed them, giving you peace of mind that you don't have to do anything at all to the products in order for your customers to be happy.  However, we understand that uniqueness is key when it comes to the beauty industry, and so we can bespoke our products for you for a small additional cost.  Please see our Bespoke page for further details.

We also always listen to our customers.  It helps us grow and nurture our partnerships between our customers and what we do here.  If you have ideas or thoughts on specific products that you have seen or used in the past that we don't currently do, feel free to let us know your thoughts and we will take this into consideration when creating our future ranges. 

We are here to work with you.  We are a team.  If your business is successful, then so is ours.

Explain how your branding package works?

We can design labels for you so that you can re brand any of our products to suit your business branding needs.  We can design your logo and your labels, or just your labels if you already have your logo.  We have our own in house design team who will look after you from start to finish.  Your label files will then be kept for you so that when you re-order, you will not need to ever pay for more labels.

Turnaround is approximately 2 to 3 days for artwork approval ahead of us completing your order as needed.

Are your fragrances natural?

Because fragrance oils tend to contain a very high level of toxic ingredients that by law are not required to be listed, we feel that they do not fit into our ethos of natural ingredients.  We therefore use only natural essential oils in our products (as included) where we feel they will benefit the skin as well as giving the products a natural soft fragrance.  Many of our products are 100% fragrance free, allowing you and your customers to benefit fully from the natural oils and ingredients in our ranges.

We can add essential oils to our products for you if required.  Please ask for our essential oils list when ordering.

What are your minimum / maximum order volumes?

We are designed and delighted to work purely with smaller businesses and start ups who are often overlooked by the larger manufacturers in their quest for MONEY.  Because of this, our minimum volume order is from just 5 units for each product you are interested in purchasing.  This means that you do not have to buy large stock amounts that may sit for months slowly going out of date while you work towards growing your business.   As you grow, we are here to support you, and we can accommodate larger volume orders as needed. Please speak to our team about your larger volume requests if needed, and for certain discounts.

What is your lead time on orders?

We aim to dispatch orders within 10-14 working days post approval of labels (if applicable).  Larger orders may take up to 4-5 weeks and we will advise you on our current delivery schedule when you place your order.

What are you shipping costs?

Shipping is charged at £8.99 if being shipped to the UK. For orders over £300, shipping to the UK is free. For international orders within the EU shipping is £12.99.  For other countries, please contact us for a shipping quote ahead of placing your order.

If your order is over £300 in your shopping cart, you can choose the FREE SHIPPING option in the shipping section before you check out.

Do I need to notify the EU portal when selling your products?

No.  As you are re selling our Skin Secrets products, we will happily add your business brand details to our EU portal account, so that you do not have to notify the EU commissions directly.  We add a tiny disclaimer to the backs of your labels with the wording - 'Made in the UK by SSO' and then add your details.  This keeps you 100% compliant without the stress and saves you a lot of money in the process.

Can you fill my own bottles & jars?

No.  We fill all our products using only our own product packaging as our filling machines are set up to fill our tubes, jars and bottles only.  We use squeezy tube packaging for most products in order for the products to come to you completely sealed which keeps the organic ingredients fresher and allowing a longer shelf life.

Can I change the names of your products?

Yes.  As long as we can always identify which product belongs to which brand range, you can change the names of our products to suit your own branding as needed. We can of course also change the product descriptions, sub wording and key ingredients listed for you as needed too.

Can I purchase a branding package before I order products?

Because our branding package cost is the lowest you will find anywhere in the industry, it is usual for our customers to order a branding package along with their first order of products.  This allows us to set up and print labels for all products initially required.  You can of course add on new labels as your range grows later on, all included in the price you pay initially for your branding pack.

Why do you offer multiple size products?

We are designed to offer the best value for money anywhere in the industry and so we sell both professional salon sizes for treatment use, as well as retail ready products for you to sell to your customers.  Our salon professional sizes offer a larger size product that lasts and therefore helps with your cash flow, profit and product markup flexibility. 

How do I store my products?

We use flexible squeezy tubes for 90% of our products with the remaining products going into jars and bottles.  They are clean, keep the products fresher for longer and extend the shelf life of the ingredients.  You should ensure you store your tubes in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat.  Exposure to high temperatures can cause the organic ingredients to diminish, making them less effective on the skin.

Do any of your scrubs contain micro beads ?

No. We never use any ingredients that are dangerous to the environment. Our scrubs contain either bamboo extract, jojoba wax beads, dead sea salt, pumice stones, coral sand or ground rice depending upon the product ordered.